What is CodeBunk?

CodeBunk provides a Realtime Collaborative Editor with Compile/Run. CodeBunk also has Peer-to-Peer Video/Audio and Text chat facility. CodeBunk is ideal for Online Interviewing of Developers as well as Learning to code from Friends.

What is Playback?

A playback shows the history of changes made to a bunk. Every keystroke is logged along with output of "Run" commands issued. You can Play/Pause and jump through the changes as you would on a video.

What is a Private Bunk?

A Bunk by default can be viewed by others if they have the URL of the Bunk. A Private Bunk on the other hand is only viewable by the owner (if its in a team's namesapce, then it is viewable by members of the team also)

What is "Use Session"?

When you create a Bunk in "Personal" namespace (the default one if you do not belong to any team), it is non-collaborative by default. To turn this Bunk to collaborative, you have to use one of the sessions bought previously. Once you have used a session, the "Read Only" checkbox will be enabled so that you can make the Bunk Writable by others. A session thus used will last for 2 hours after which the bunk will return to being non-collaborative.

As an interviewer, you would

"Use Session" is only applicable to "Personal" Bunks. Bunks created within a team's namespace are collaborative by default.

How much does a Session cost?

# of Sessions Cost
20 Sessions $30
50 Sessions $68
100 Sessions $120
250 Sessions $260

What are Teams?

CodeBunk provides users with the ability to create a Team and invite others to join it. Members of a team can create Bunks within a team's namespace. Bunks created within a team's namespace are visible to all members of the team.

What are the Pricing Plans for Teams?

There are four plans (contact us if none of these suit your needs)

Name # of Members # of Bunks/month Cost/month
Small 4 20 $9
Medium 10 50 $48
Large 20 100 $126
xLarge 40 1000 $267

Can I change or cancel the Plan?

It will require only a couple of clicks to change or cancel the plan. You will need to visit your "Homepage" and click on your team's name on the menu on left. You will have buttons to Cancel or choose a new subscription on the resulting page.

Is there a Trial Period?

On signup, you will get 5 personal Sessions for Free.

Also, you will get One month Free on your first team. It does not matter which plan you choose.
So if you are not satisfied with CodeBunk, you can cancel the subscription within the first month and you will not be charged anything.

I have other questions.

Write to us at team@codebunk.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible.